Hung's Iron Dog Kennels has been in business for the past 22 years.
We strive to produce some of the worlds best Doberman Pinschers.  
We are located in Swansea South Carolina, which is 15 miles south of
Columbia South Carolina.  We are located on a 10 acre property and
we are dedicated to developing some of the best Doberman Pinschers.
       Our dogs have many areas to grow up in out here. I
educate them,
train them and raise them as individuals among the pack. I have a
unique relationship with each one of my dobermans.
 There is a
constant rotation to the dogs living spaces. This allows all dogs out
here to build relationships with each other.
This helps them develop a
workability with each other so they take care of their responsibilities to
the family regardless of who they are housed with.

     Out here on the kennel property we have witnessed the Doberman
Pinschers to have their own way of communications, alerts, body
language, and guard duties. They also have their individual ways to
play, compete, love and challenge each other. It is truly amazing living
among them and being privileged to see the real world of the
Doberman Pinscher.

    To start the History of HUNG'S IRON DOG KENNELS properly I
will have to take us back 22 years with my first Doberman Pinscher
name meant the leader of the devils warriors was a lady destroyer.
These are the only pictures
I have of her.

    I called her LADY, we were both crazy as hell, she was the spitten
image of me and we ran together perfectly. I was an athlete in many
sports and one crazy as hell teenager. I grew up in Scarsdale, New
York and was born and raised a New Yorker.
      I was very competitive in sports, football, boxing, biking, and
martial arts were my favorites, but i played other sports as well. I was
an awesome fighter and dedicated trainer and wanted my first dog to
be able to handle her own as well.

I left New York and moved to South Carolina in 1987, I
moved to a
very rural area in South Carolina. We had a family owned
vineyards and beef farm that my grandfather owned and operated for
75 years. Unfortunately, my grandfather had passed that previous year
I thought I would be a help to my grandmother if I moved in and
helped with the family farm.

     With my grandfather gone, I knew the farm needed a good working
dog to guard my grandmother and all her property. I researched the
working classes of dogs as well as many other breeds. In viewing the
Doberman Pinscher and reading the
ir characteristics I couldn't help to
notice the majestic qualities they held. The way they hold themselves
was what
I had the most respect for.
       They were a very proud breed. At this time in my life I had just
taken the entrance test for the marines and I noticed that the doberman
pinscher was the marines war dog.  So I researched more about the
doberman pinscher. What I found in my studies was a breed of dog
that was just what I was looking for, with all the qualities I knew I
needed in my canine companion.
     The Doberman Pinscher if raised properly, seemed to be loyal like
we were to our best friends. The Doberman Pinscher seemed to be a
true competitor and companion of man. Since
I was alone on this farm
in the middle of nowhere, South Carolina,
I needed a canine friend.  I
needed a dog  who would challenge me physically, mentally and keep
me in shape. To me the Doberman Pinscher seemed like the special
forces of the canine world.

    I went out and purchased LADY in Lancaster, South Carolina.
What an awesome Doberman Pinscher she was. I had no idea that this
breed we call the Doberman Pinscher was so incredible in every way.
The love and dedication to my grandmother and I was unbelievable.  
She was 8 weeks when
I got her and grew up so fast into an awesome
dog.  She had won my heart and mind in no time. She was exactly what
I thought she would be and more.
     I was in love with this breed and felt
I would never have another
kind of dog ever. These were the guys
I wanted to run with forever
more. Lady was like my daughter and
I loved her so much.  We went
everywhere together in this hot rod camero
I had built from scratch.
We were inseparable. Lady's life was cut short when some intruders
tried to break into a music studio
I had built inside one of the old sweet
potato curring barns.

     She chased
the intruders to the back patio area of my grandmothers
home and tore fingers off and leg and butt meat from one of the
suspects. They got away with their lives some how, but came back a
week later and shot LADY in my yard. I swore if
I ever found out who
these guys were they would
pay with Hannibal's law - an eye for an
. Fortunately for them I have not found out who they were to this

Lady lived up to who she was and dedicated her life to protecting
us. Lady is greatly missed by
my grandmother and I even to this day. It
took two years for me to even look at another Doberman Pinscher.  I
then found HUNG AND MEILING in 1992.

     The Doberman Pinscher pictured above is HUNG HEI GUEN
YANG SHEN J.  He was my best dog,  my best friend, my son and my
companion for 14 years.  HUNG was paired from 6 weeks of age with
a female Doberman Pinscher named MEILING YING CHI PI WING
J. These two crazy fools were my next best friends and
they have given
me memories that can never be replaced or forgotten. A major part of
our genetic bloodlines in the kennels come from HUNG and
MEILING. They gave life to who we are today.

     These two dogs were the most amazing characters in my life. There
is almost no words to describe them except for one - awesome. The
years have gone on since their loss and there is no way to describe how
much I miss them, their voice, their smiles and charm, and their
character.  Here are the only pictures
I have of Meiling and a few of
HUNG as well. I lost most of meilings pictures in a fire at a home we
lived in Columbia South Carolina.

       In 2001 I partnered up with a buddy named Jim Higgins and he
had been running with Dobermans since the 1970's. Jim had major
knowledge on backgrounds and histories of some of the worlds best
bloodlines. We have worked together for almost 8 years to purchase,
breed and incorporate some of the worlds best bloodlines into our
Doberman Pinschers.  So this is where I am now, dedicated to the life
of the Doberman Pinscher.

     I am the protector of bloodlines that have meant so much to me. As
long as
I live I will protect HUNG and MEILING'S bloodlines and
make sure that they survive as long as
I do. We do not believe in
inbreeding or line breeding and are dedicated to the protection of our
bloodlines through the proper pairing of adult dogs for breeding,
choosing the best puppies that represent what we see as some of the
best doberman pinscher genetics and continuing the process to create
some of the best dobi's around.

I now protect many more bloodlines that were not related to
Hung and Meiling but those guys are almost as special to me.  I have
dedicated my life to the Doberman Pinscher.

      If you would like to contact us about our Doberman Pinschers, call
me at 803-568-3642  /  803-360-5368.       You can email me at